Welcome to the Energy Catalyst

Whatever you have right now, we will make it better together!

The Energy Catalyst is a Team Energy initiative aimed to accelerate energy transition initiatives in a day to day manner. We are a student-run Business incubator dedicated to the field of energy and sustainability that facilitates entrepreneurial initiatives, students teams, and honors students.

Our Mission


Meet the team

Rein Westerdijk
Rein WesterdijkCo-founder/ Chairman
Nikola Djurendic
Nikola DjurendicCo-founder/ Internal Strategist
Gary Lin
Gary LinCo-founder/ Project Coordinator
Matthijs BulsinkProject-Coordinator/Co-Founder
Sankalp Jain
Sankalp JainTreasurer
Piona HotakainenPublic Relations

Contact Us

Multimediapaviljoen, Horsten 1, 5612 Eindhoven, Netherlands